What my clients say

“The text [of Cúchulainn: Ulster’s Greatest Hero] is much crisper and flows more naturally. Proofreading and editing is certainly a fine art, a fine art over which you have the highest level of mastery, that much is clear. I was really impressed with your attention to every detail.”
Réamonn Ó Ciaráin (Gael Linn), translator of Cúchulainn, 2017.

“As a first time author, I was in need of developmental editing, copy-editing, and proofreading for my debut novel, Death by DNA. Averill performed all of these tasks with exceptional expertise and skill. When we first started working together, I had certain ideas about how much “science” I wanted to include in my novel. Averill listened diligently (and patiently) to my point of view, and helped me shape the book so that there was still plenty of science, but not at the cost of bogging the story down. As an added bonus, she helped shepherd me through the intimidating process of self-publishing. Her expert guidance was invaluable every step of the way. Averill is an excellent editor and advisor, and I can’t wait to work with her on my next novel!”
John S. Shaw, III, author of Death by DNA, 2016.

“I was put in touch with Averill through The Literary Consultancy, which turned out to be an excellent recommendation. I cannot thank Averill too much for her professionalism and technical competence in dealing with my non-fiction book on the Isle of Man and the First World War. Above all, I am grateful for her endless patience in dealing with a text which I constantly kept on changing. The book is so much the better for her assistance.”
Patricia Skillicorn, The Hammer of Thor: The Impact of the Great War on the people of the Isle of Man, 2016.

“I cannot recommend Averill’s service highly enough. She has shown skill, wisdom and patience in equal measure. She not only brings technical expertise to bear on projects, but a commitment to excellence in publishing aligned with a heartfelt passion for good writing. Her help and support has been invaluable to us.”
Hugh Odling-Smee, publisher, Whittrick Press, 2016.

“Averill worked as my editor on my debut novel, The Silent Children. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She immersed herself in my story world and really understood from the offset the tale I wanted to tell. She took my novel from 70% done to 100%, pushing me to improve every step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without her. She has that great balance of delivering constructive criticism and encouragement. I loved working with her so much that I have asked her to work with me on my second novel.”
Amna K. Boheim, author of The Silent Children, 2015.

“I approached Averill Buchanan with a unique request for development editing. Throughout our work together, she was always prompt and thoughtful in response to my questions. After she provided her feedback, [she] responded quickly to follow-up questions and …  gave me concrete next steps that I was able to use immediately, while also being respectful of my right to make the final calls. I enjoyed working with Averill and would recommend her to anyone looking for development editing.”
Sarah Carlson, independent author, 2014.

“[Averill’s] involvement became more than just that of an editor. We entered a dialogue, discussing the specific weaknesses in my writing. She pointed out these weaknesses with great sensitivity and tact. With her assistance, I learned a great deal – lessons I still value to this day.”
Robert Lawrence, independent author, 2014.

“I just wanted … to thank you for doing such a good job. You saved us from quite a number howlers, and it’s all very clearly marked-up.”
Helen Wright, Senior Editor, Blackstaff Press, 2012.

“I have used Averill’s services for nearly a decade: copy-editing, proofreading and indexing. She is extremely professional and helpful, and a pleasure to deal with. Her work is immaculate and I would not employ anyone else.”
Professor Lynda Pratt (University of Nottingham), 2012.

“Averill not only copy-edited the manuscript of my novel but also helped me to understand the mistakes I was making so I could avoid them in future. Her straightforward advice is refreshing and she has been very helpful in answering follow-up questions after the work was done.”
Eliza Green, independent author, Exilon 5 trilogy, 2012.

“Thank you, Averill, for your excellent copy-editing and indexing skills. It is a pleasure to work with someone so expert and trustworthy.”
Karen E. Brown, editor of Women’s Contributions to Visual Culture, 1918-1939 (Ashgate, 2008).

“Averill Buchanan provided expert advice and guidance of the highest order to the anthology project. Her insightful and incisive editorial skills were of enormous assistance.”
Frank Ferguson, editor of Ulster-Scots Writing: An Anthology (Four Courts Press, 2008).